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alike, they'll all break over if they can. But I say, crow
where you roost. A man's got to do the riding. It's me
riding the whisky. Not the whisky riding me." Throwing
his head back, he took another gulp, and his Adam's apple
bobbed up and down like a great red cork.

"You're right," the Senator said, "in a way. Whisky is
like a woman. You get the best results if you handle it
right. You build it up, you might say. Don't just plunge
in. You have to treat it like you loved it. A little coaxing
and courting, that gives the best results, every time." He
turned his glass gently in his hand, as though to illustrate
his words, and his gaze seemed to draw deeply inward. For
a moment he appeared to be oblivious to the men about him.

Mr. Munn observed him. They say he's hell with the
women, he thought, when he's off away from home. Not
much chance for carrying on in this section, not for a promi-
nent man. But Louisville and Washington, he made up for
lost time when he got up there, they said,

" —whisky," Mr. Christian was saying, " a great demo-
cratic institution. Next to the Declaration of Independence
and Bunker Hill, damned if it ain't the greatest. Why,
whisky, it makes a rich man pore, like they say, and a pore
man rich."

Mr. Munn was watching the Todd boy. He heard Mr.
Christian's voice pronounce the name " Sullins," and turned
again toward him.

"—and the Sullinses, I've known 'em all my life," Mr.
Christian was saying, still standing on the rug before the
hearth with his heels dug in. " I've known my bellyful of
Sullinses. And this Ben Sullins, he's like all the rest. Any-
thing for money, and butter wouldn't melt in their mouth.
Why, old Ben Sullins—that's Ben's father, dead now and in
hell sure as the good God put tail feathers on jaybirds to
hide their ragged asses—for two dimes and a shinplaster he'd
have sold his grey-haired mother to be boiled down for lye
soap. And I'm not saying I'd blame him too much, for any
woman in the Sullins family gets to be mighty nigh like an